Installing a second blue rov onto computer

Hiya, I built a second BlueROV2 and both ROVs run fine with the original (I will call it box 1) Fathom x tether interface. Yes, only one at a time. However, neither ROV will work with the Fathomx box (box2) that came with the second ROV.

  1. Do I have to do a software 'install with the the second Fathom x tether interface?
    -or is this telling me that the Fathom x box 2 does not work.
  2. If I do have to install box 2 can it reside on the same computer as box1?
  3. Will that mess with the installation of box 1?
  4. How would I know which is which?

Hi @salvor1,

The FXTIs don’t have any particular configuration or installation - they just convert between homeplug on the tether and USB to the computer (with ethernet in the middle). If your setup works with one FXTI then the other one is either incorrectly wired, or is damaged/broken. I’d suggest you

  1. open up the one that isn’t working and ensure everything is fully plugged in
  2. if everything is plugged in then try opening the other (working) FXTI and making sure the connections are the same for both (particularly same twisted pair(s) in use from the binder connector - default is the blue/white pair, with the others unused)
  3. if it’s still not working, contact to let them know what’s going on, and sort out a potential replacement (if possible provide the order number/date, and you can link to this post for context)

I will, thank you sir.