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Install ubuntu on bluerov computer

Hi, I am wondering if it is possible to install ubuntu on bluerov and install some packages so that bluerov can work the same as before?


Right now the companion image runs raspbian, based in debian like ubuntu.
What kind of packages do you want to install ?
And what do you mean by “same as before” ?

Thank you for your reply! First I apologize for my poor English. I am a student from China, working on the research of underwater slam.
I want to use xsens mti-300 imu and I find that the driver of the imu is based on ros. I also find that the bluerov-ros-pkg repository is currently unsupported, so I want to change to ubuntu which support ros well.
“same as before” , I mean if I change to Ubuntu, I hope the bluerov can work normally, e.g., I can get video in my computer and I can control the bluerov to move, just like before. But I do not know what package I must install. I see the mavproxy.py process is running on raspberry, so I know I must install mavproxy. And is something else? Or is there a better solution that can help me get the data of xsens mti-300 imu? Thank you!