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Inputing USBL data to the Pix hawk

(Kevin) #1

We currently have our Trackink HA 1500 USBL rigged and would like to attempt to send the data to the Pix Hawk.
Currently we have NEMA 0183 data going in to the bottle but I don’t know what format and how to deliver the position data to the Pix Hawk. Does anyone know the format and data rate?

(Jacob) #2

How is the NEMA 0183 coming in, RS232? If it’s serial and the signal voltage is < 5V, you can input it on one of the Pixhawk’s UARTs. The baud rates on all of the UARTs on the Pixhawk are configurable.


(Kevin) #3

They are 5v rs232, what strings does it need and how do I talk to it


(Jacob) #4

The pinout for the UARTs are here. Pin 1 is on the left for all of the connectors in this image. Wire it to the port labeled “GPS”, set the GPS_TYPE parameter to ‘NMEA’. Set the SERIAL3_PROTOCOL parameter to ‘GPS’ and the SERIAL3_BAUD parameter to the proper baud rate.