I want to communicate to pixhawk from Raspberry pi 3 and read the telemetry data like accelerometer and gyroscope data

Hello all,
Good Day.
I want to communicate to pixhawk from pi3 and wants to read the data like accelerometer and gyroscope for position and velocity control.
I did initial setup and mavproxy.py --master=/dev/serial0 --baudrate 57600 --aircraft ardusub
I have got the attached output whether my pi is communicating with pixhawk. I don’t know. please confirm and tell me how can i read the IMU sensor data. please respond as soon as possible.

This might help you.

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Hi @shakeera, has this been resolved?

The post that @StrikeLines linked to may be helpful, but your post isn’t super clear on what you’re actually trying to do, so feel free to follow up/clarify your post if there’s still information you haven’t managed to find yet :slight_smile:

Dear EliotBR,
while I am following ur code I got the permission denied error.
How can I set additional udp out port. I am not understanding any thing.
Please help me in this regard.
I am attaching the code what I ran and The output.

I don’t know which code you’re referring to.

  • How is your system set up?
    • What devices are involved, and how are they connected?
    • Are you using a standard BlueROV2 setup, or doing something custom?

If you’re using a BlueROV2 setup you should be able to follow our software setup guide, after which you can refer to our Pymavlink examples. If you’re doing something else then you’ll need to explain more about your system and what you actually want to achieve in order for us to help you :slight_smile: