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USB to Pixhawk works but USB Telemetry doesn't

Hello, I am trying to connect a raspberry pi to a pixhawk using telemetry antennas (my sub has a part that floats on the surface that has the antennae).

I can successfully connect the two via usb with the following.
master = mavutil.mavlink_connection("/dev/ttyACM0", baud=57600)

However when I swap out the USB cable for an antennae I get a bunch errors. The antennae LED are both solid green which means they are connected. The pixhawk side is going into telem 1, the raspi side is going into the same USB port I was using for the cabled USB connection.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Hi @Coco,

Can you be a bit more explicit or share a photo of what are you doing ?
Are you connecting the antenna in “telem 1” of the pixhawk ?
What kind of error are you getting and where ?