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Implementing 4K camera with zoom and autofocus

Hello, I write in this forum because I’d like that you gave me a suggestion on a camera. I want to replace it with one with 4K resolution and that has zoom and autofocus. Can someone give me a suggestion on which model to use?


Hi, i need to switch to 4K too, but raspberry pi H264 encoder does not support (4k)
today it’s only possible to encode 1080p@30fps

(T_T) :persevere:

We wait for the new update :boom:

root@raspberrypi:/dev# lsusb
Bus 001 Device 007: ID 0483:5740 STMicroelectronics STM32F407
Bus 001 Device 004: ID 05a3:0317 ARC International
Bus 001 Device 003: ID 0424:ec00 Standard Microsystems Corp. SMSC9512/9514 Fast Ethernet Adapter
Bus 001 Device 002: ID 0424:9514 Standard Microsystems Corp.
Bus 001 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub
root@raspberrypi:/dev# lsusb -d 05a3:0317 -v

Bus 001 Device 004: ID 05a3:0317 ARC International
Device Descriptor:
bLength 18
bDescriptorType 1
bcdUSB 2.00
bDeviceClass 239 Miscellaneous Device
bDeviceSubClass 2 ?
bDeviceProtocol 1 Interface Association
bMaxPacketSize0 64
idVendor 0x05a3 ARC International
idProduct 0x0317
bcdDevice 3.26
iManufacturer 1 4K USB CAMERA
iProduct 4 HD USB CAMERA
iSerial 3 01.00.00
bNumConfigurations 1
Configuration Descriptor:
bLength 9
bDescriptorType 2
wTotalLength 1850
bNumInterfaces 4
bConfigurationValue 1
iConfiguration 0
bmAttributes 0x80
(Bus Powered)
MaxPower 500mA
Interface Association:
bLength 8
bDescriptorType 11
bFirstInterface 0
bInterfaceCount 2
bFunctionClass 14 Video
bFunctionSubClass 3 Video Interface Collection
bFunctionProtocol 0
iFunction 4 HD USB CAMERA
Interface Descriptor:
bLength 9
bDescriptorType 4
bInterfaceNumber 0
bAlternateSetting 0
bNumEndpoints 1
bInterfaceClass 14 Video
bInterfaceSubClass 1 Video Control
bInterfaceProtocol 0
iInterface 4 HD USB CAMERA
VideoControl Interface Descriptor:
bLength 13
bDescriptorType 36
bDescriptorSubtype 1 (HEADER)
bcdUVC 1.00
wTotalLength 109
dwClockFrequency 48.000000MHz
bInCollection 1
baInterfaceNr( 0) 1
VideoControl Interface Descriptor:
bLength 18
bDescriptorType 36
bDescriptorSubtype 2 (INPUT_TERMINAL)
bTerminalID 1
wTerminalType 0x0201 Camera Sensor
bAssocTerminal 0
iTerminal 0
wObjectiveFocalLengthMin 0
wObjectiveFocalLengthMax 0
wOcularFocalLength 0
bControlSize 3
bmControls 0x00020a2a
Auto-Exposure Mode
Exposure Time (Absolute)
Focus (Absolute)
Zoom (Absolute)
PanTilt (Absolute)
Focus, Auto
VideoControl Interface Descriptor:
bLength 11
bDescriptorType 36
bDescriptorSubtype 5 (PROCESSING_UNIT)
Warning: Descriptor too short
bUnitID 2
bSourceID 1
wMaxMultiplier 16384
bControlSize 2
bmControls 0x0000177f
White Balance Temperature
Backlight Compensation
Power Line Frequency
White Balance Temperature, Auto
iProcessing 0
bmVideoStandards 0x1d
PAL - 625/50
SECAM - 625/50
NTSC - 625/50
VideoControl Interface Descriptor:
bLength 29
bDescriptorType 36
bDescriptorSubtype 6 (EXTENSION_UNIT)
bUnitID 3
guidExtensionCode {c385b80f-c268-4745-90f7-8f47579d95fc}
bNumControl 5
bNrPins 1
baSourceID( 0) 2
bControlSize 4
bmControls( 0) 0x1f
bmControls( 1) 0x00
bmControls( 2) 0x00
bmControls( 3) 0x00
iExtension 0
VideoControl Interface Descriptor:
bLength 29
bDescriptorType 36
bDescriptorSubtype 6 (EXTENSION_UNIT)
bUnitID 4
guidExtensionCode {82066163-7050-ab49-b8cc-b3855e8d221d}
bNumControl 25
bNrPins 1
baSourceID( 0) 3
bControlSize 4
bmControls( 0) 0xff
bmControls( 1) 0xff
bmControls( 2) 0x77
bmControls( 3) 0x07
iExtension 0

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Hi there,
We use 4K cameras (25FPS) with zoom and autofocus in separate small housings (65mm diameter, 100-150mm long depending on requirements).

The camera modules themselves can be used in the BR enclosures, but need some reorganising to fit, so the separate housings are a more convenient method to use the cameras. The video feed can be shown in QGroundControl or VLC.

They are fitted with a Blue Trail Engineering connector for easy connection (Subconn also available), and can have a Fathom board installed inside if you want to connect directly to the ROV comms system (otherwise you can install a network switch onboard the ROV). They are currently being machined and will be available soon, get in touch if you’d like more info.