Image raspberry pi on UAV(Quad Copter)

I want to use your image raspberry pi in a UAV (Quad Copter)
I want to communicate with my router with a WiFi dongle raspberry pi
Where can I set up network settings ?

Hi @saeidjson, Ardupilot has an image called APSync that they like to use for their aerial vehicles. Their image is already set up to use wifi.

If you want to use our image, we set the ip address by adding ip= to /boot/cmdline.txt (so you might want to remove this line). You can find many instructions online about how to set up wifi on the raspberry pi. Here are instructions to set it up as an access point: Raspberry Pi Documentation - Configuration.

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Sorry for my question
I did the settings for the wireless network
But it will not connect to the Ethernet, my dongle will not work
How to set up a raspberry pi without an Ethernet connection to a wireless network ?
For example, Ethernet has been disabled to connect the wireless network

Iā€™m sorry, I do not fully understand your question. What do you want to do? Did you get wifi working?

I work with wifi
dongle asus ac56
dongle Connects to the router
If the eth0 is plugged in, the wifi connects
If not, it will not connect