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The communicatory question between pixhawk and raspberry pi3

Hello! I’m DS Wang

I’m researching in this page

I had already finished the part of “Setup th RPi” and “Setting up the Pixhawk”
And the network had been finished, too.

I built a linux system on vmware.
And I used PuTTy to connect the RPi by SSH on linux system above.
The required packages had been downloaded and installed already.

But…I have a question now.
When I used this command
“mavproxy.py --master=/dev/ttyAMA0 --baudrate 57600 --aircraft MyCopter”
It showed these information like the picture

Does anyone know how to solve it?
I appreciate your help!


How is the Pixhawk connected to the Raspberry Pi? USB? If you are using USB, you should use /dev/ttyACM0 for ‘master’, if you are using the RX/TX pins on the Raspberry Pi, make sure you have disabled the console login on the serial interface.


Hello! Jacob!

I connected the RPi and the pixhawk by using the RX/TX pins.
If I disable the console login on serial interface, the “enable_uart” will be set 0.
But this note show I need to set it 1

How can I do?

Thank you!


Does anyone know the solutions of this problem…?
Appreciate for your help!!!

You need to do two separate things:

  1. Enable the serial interface with ‘set enable_uart=1’
  2. Disable console output on the serial interface, there are instructions to do this here.


I solved this terrible problem !!!
They connected with each other, and they can give command to the other one!!!
I can control pixhawk by RPi3 !!

Jacob! I really appreciate for your help and comments!!!
Thank you very very much !!!

Well done, DS. I hope you can have fun with it now instead of worrying about how to get it to work!


I promise you I will enjoy it!!!

Thank you! Jacob!

But how i will configure pixhawk. If i want autonomous?. How to calibrate it?

Hi Arpit, try reading more about ardupilot and ardusub. Let us know the status of your project and what your specific problem or question is.

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Guys please help me resolve this issue, I have ssh(ed) into my pi and downloaded and installed all the libraries, my Pixhawk in connected over USB but I’m getting this error please help me resolve it.
I am following the standard Dev docs to make the connection between the Pi and the pixhawk

Try using python2

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Yes! That was the problem. But my mode is still not changing to STABILIZED.


Before changing to stabilized mode ArduSub will test all failsafe mechanism, do you have a properly properly assembled vehicle ?

@patrickelectric There is no prerequesite for switching to stabilize mode. It should always work.

@DShetty will you please demonstrate the problem for us with some text copy/paste or screenshot?