I will be adding skidpad to bluerov2. Given below are some of my concerns

I have bought the bluerov2 and also the skidpad. My concerns are-

  1. The thrust force line will not coincide with the centre of mass after adding the skidpad. Won’t it make the rov unstable?
  2. What changes should be made in Pixhawk since many parameters will change? like PID values etc.?

I’d be happy to address your concerns.

  1. It is true that the thrust force should generally go through the CG, but the vehicle is very forgiving to changes because it is statically stable. The buoyancy foam on top and ballast weights on the bottom mean that the center of buoyancy (CoB) is above the CG, which always creates a force to keep the vehicle upright. When you add additional payload under the vehicle, it moves the CG but it increases the static stability.

  2. When we’ve used the skid, we didn’t change any parameters. If you run into any specific trouble, please let us know and we can advise.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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Thanks for the reply.

And one more thing-

– The BlueRov2 has active or passive roll and pitch stability?

The BlueROV2 has good passive stabilization in roll and pitch. It also has active roll, heading, and depth stabilization.

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