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How to use ArduPilot using bluerov-ros-pkg

(Lukas) #1


My name is Lukas and I’m building my own ROV using bluerov-ros-pkg. I cannot find an information, at which topic I should publish to control thrusters through ArduPilot? I would like to replace xbox gamepad insited of Hoats joystick, because I think that I can get better move control of the ROV and I need that information.

(Jacob) #2

The teleop_joy node publishes rc commands on <span class=“pl-s”>/mavros/rc/override</span>. https://github.com/bluerobotics/bluerov-ros-pkg/blob/master/bluerov_apps/src/teleop_joy.cpp#L68

It is possible to use a different joystick, but the buttons will probably have to be remapped.

I would suggest at least trying it with an xbox controller first because they are inexpensive, handheld, and control of the rov is actually quite easy.