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How to turn off mic?

(Christian) #1

I just changed Pc and suddenly i have sound from my ROV?:wink: …how can i turn off?:wink:


(Christian) #2

…guess i found out by looking for updating :wink: ,dont see the wood for the trees apparently;)

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(Jacob) #3

For the record, there is a volume adjustment slider next to the video record button. In the future, there will also be the option to disable the audio stream entirely from the application settings menu.

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(Christian) #4

Yes i found it…ive been looking deeper in the system so i felt really stpid for the question;D)…but my last pc didnt give me sound;) …ok, its not nessesary for me at least :wink: …i cant listen to my servo;)



Do we know about how much bandwidth the audio uses?

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