How to read the current and voltage output values of a power sense module in an Arduino?

I am using pixhawk autopilot with power sense module. From the documents, it was clear that the power sense module can be used for voltage and current measurement.The power sense module is then connected to the power pin of the pixhawk or any flight controller and the voltage and current reading could be seen after going through a series of software configuration in mission planner or QGC…Now in my application, I gae the battery to a device through a power module and I wanted this power module to read the voltage and current consumed by the device in operation .For this can I connect the cable (which we normally connect to the pixhawk power pin )to an Arduino analog pin and serially read the voltage and current??Is it possible to measure the voltage and current by using an Arduino or any other microcontroller. Also is it possible to observe the current and voltage changes in an oscilloscope(when the device is operating ).Suggest some techniques to measure the voltage and current using the power module …Looking forward for reply

Hi @deepak,

As described on the product page, our Power Sense Module

Accordingly, you’ll need to use some form of analog to digital converter (ADC) to convert those analog signals into digital values your code can deal with. Arduino boards generally have a number of analog input pins, so that should be possible.

The conversions are specified in the Technical Details table:

You’ll need to make sure the input pins on your microcontroller have sufficient voltage range to handle the voltages from the Power Sense Module that are expected given your expected power supply voltage and device current usage.

Yes, that should also be possible :slight_smile:

There is a topic in the forum where they talk about it, I have not tried it to work but let me know if it works

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