Higher Current Power Sense Module


We are trying to find a power sense module for high voltage and current.

BR Power Sense Module is not enough for us we had to find a module that has 250A max current sensing.

Is there any module with 250a max current sensing compatible with Pixhawk?


Hi @ugurdemirezen,

That’s a lot of power. I did some searching and found this discussion, but there didn’t seem to be a particular resolution. The closest they mentioned was this 180A one, which is now retired and the closest equivalent is this 90A one.

I asked internally and this 250A one was suggested, which may meet your requirements. Note that the cable they recommend has only 4 wires, and may need to be spliced with something like this cable to be compatible with the Pixhawk’s power port.

If that doesn’t work out I’d guess that you’ll either have to find something intended for industrial/large scale use cases (e.g. electric vehicles, home batteries, etc), or make one yourself.

Hi @EliotBR ,

Thanks for the information you provided! It is very helpful.

Do we have to do something to connect with mavlink or is it a plug-play stlye? I mean can we see the voltage and current values in qgc directly when we plugged the cable to pixhawk?


I’m not sure - I haven’t used it before, and the details aren’t obvious from the purchasing webpage.

I assume you may need to specify a voltage multiplier, amps per volt, and amps offset in the Power Setup, but I’m not sure what those values would be - you likely need to look at the sensor datasheet. If it’s not obvious from the datasheet then you can potentially try contacting the manufacturer :slight_smile:

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I know that the allowable amperage of the power sensor module currently on sale is 100A.
Do you have any power sensor modules with an allowable amperage of 100A or higher?

This place has some:

I don’t have any experience with them though.

Hi @HanJIK,

I’ve moved your post here because it’s on the same topic.

As above, and as @nperry suggested, Mauch-electronic is likely your best bet.

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