How to enable positionning from external source and 3d navigation questions

Hi there,

I am trying to figure out how I can feed the positioning system (pose, odom) from ZED stereo camera and/or DVL A50 Waterlinked.

Right now what is working is pos hold mode only because of DVL docker driver. But I can’t able to switch to Guided Mode to make able to control cmd_vel, because its not supported by the vehicle.
Couldn’t find related topics with comprehensive answer or more recent updated one with current release BlueOS and ArduSUB about navigation in non gps invironment OR where I can find instruction how I can tell explecitely which pose data I can use for faking GPS.

Also, I have specific questions:

  1. Is it feasible in any sense to continue use ardusub/blueos software as base/template platform in order to achieve 3d navigation with it. From my understanding according to this code there are possibilities to make it true. So, saying if I have good enough positioning system, path local planner and safe trajectory generator, how I can achieve 3d navigation with ArduSub.
  2. Can ArduSub right now accepts input signal as a trajectory and send it to the motors? I believe the Guided Mode the one who responsible to do that, right? If so how I can enable it.
  3. In order to do specific motion movement/maneuvering (circle movement OR movement along side the trajectory points with camera heading to the specific Region of Interest) do I need to build my own controller or its can be done in ArduSub? Because I remember from the arducopter this pretty much was done, but I am not sure with ArduSub.

This might be unlcear, let me know if you have any questions.