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How can i get more speed frome motors

Hi guys! İ’m new here
So i made my own ROV and i almost try everything for speed up motors.

İ think problem is Pixhawk’s pwm outs i test this main outs with servo motor.
When i push full throttle with my jostick servo not move much.
But when i connect to aux outputs its move perfect.
And i see main outputs not give enough pwm signal.
İ want my motors full speed.
(İ Also learn when i use yaw stick, servo work perfect almost 180 degree but still when i push forward servo not turn much i want.=)

Please Help!

Sorry for my bad language :slight_smile:


Check your gains. Ardusub is able to increase/decrease gains by joystick buttons. The defaults are the digital “up” and “down” buttons.

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