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Hide "No GPS Lock for Vehicle" message

I recently built the latest Daily version of QGC and have been getting a “No GPS Lock for Vehicle” message displayed in the middle of the screen. I’ve looked around here and on a few other related forums, but the only questions about this seem to be by people who actually have a GPS unit and are having trouble getting it to connect.

Is there some way to hide this message? From what I’m aware most ROVs don’t have GPS units and it’s a distraction while operating.

I’ve tried commenting out the nmearx and wldriver screen lines in .companion.rc of the companion computer, but this had no effect. I’m expecting that since there actually isn’t a GPS this will stay as long as the pixhawk/companion computer doesn’t start seeing a GPS, in which case it probably has to be hidden from QGC. Happy to modify and re-build QGC to remove the warning temporarily, but I sort of feel like this should have a disable/hide option in the QGC settings, and am wondering if it’s there and I just haven’t found it, or if there’s some other simple way to turn it off.