Help :) Compile the transplant QGC into Ubuntu

Hello all,

I am trying to compile and transplant QGC into a Ubuntu X86 Platform.

Used source code on GitHub: GitHub - bluerobotics/qgroundcontrol: Blue Robotics QGroundControl fork for internal use only. (branch3.2.4)
Used QT version is 5.7.1,

After the compiling, the video streaming function was missing on the QGC interface, see the pic below:

Please give some advises, anyone has the same problem?

Thanks for reminding me, so the problem was solved on out X86 Ubuntu Platform.

But we have another ARM Platform running our own modified Ubuntu version, we have not made it work yet. Any idea how this can be?

If you want to run on ARM under ubuntu, you will be going into the world of undocumented hacking. good luck.