Getting video into OpenCV


We are attempting to do vision processing on our top side computer, but are unable to get a video stream working in Python. It streams perfectly to QGroundControl, but when running the stock topside script provided here, we simply get the error message “Frame not available.” We adjusted the gstreamer options in the companion computer to use multiudpsink, but aren’t running any other gstreamer commands on either device. Any advice on how to proceed?


Hi @ROVRunners, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

It’s been ages since I tried this, but this guide may be helpful.

If it’s not, please provide some more information about your streaming configuration (e.g. the gstreamer command being used, or the BlueOS stream configuration settings), the code you’re running, and the full traceback of any error messages you’re getting.

I am also having this problem. I have looked at every post on this site but can not find a solution. I am running the script mentioned in the original chat via wsl ubuntu so I was wondering if the issue was that qgroundcontrol was that the stream was through windows, not wsl, however, downloading qgroundcontrol on wsl did not work either.