Video stream in QGroundControl 4.2.0 not working

Anyone else having issues with video stream in QGC 4.2.0?
I had it working on my MacBook M1 with QGC 4.0.2 but upgraded yesterday to 4.2.0 because of issues with the gamepad joystick. And now it refuses to connect the video stream.
However if I try to connect to the stream in gStreamer it works.
Here is some more info from the issue I reported yesterday:

Unfortunately I dont have access to a windows computer to try with if it works there.

Hi @Nils, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I’ve responded in your GitHub issue as well, but unfortunately video hasn’t been working in QGC on Mac since 4.1, so you’ll need to stay on 4.0 for now, or run Windows/Linux in a virtual machine (e.g. via Parallels).

Out of interest, what was the joystick issue? It may be worth trying to fix that instead if possible.

Hi @EliotBR!
Thanks for answering, good to know that the fault is not on my side.
Somehow I missed the issue you linked to when searching for the issue yesterday.

The issues I had with the gamepad was that the left joystick was not working. I actually did not spend very much efforts in investigating since there where newer version of QGC out.
I will give it a try tonight and see if works.

Im thinking of if it would be possible using my Taranis RC transmitter instead of the F310 gamepad as a joystick. When connecting the Taranis via usb to my computer its recognized in QGC as a joystick. However I only get input in one direction from the sticks. From the left stick I get a signal on channel 2 when moving it up/down but no signal when moving left/right. From the right stick I get signal on channel 0 when moving the stick left/right but no signal for up/down.
Anyone know how to solve this or where to start looking?

Forget the last part about the Taranis, its me being away from the hobby for too long and have forgotten ho my stuff works. I had a custom setup with those two channels disabled on the radio :blush:
Works fine now in QGC 4.2.0

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