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Georeferenced inspection deliverables

(Steven LE BARS) #1

Hi all,

I must soon realize a georeferenced subsea inspection (I have a BR2 + waterlinked) for a client who requires a single deliverable with video + in parallel position of the ROV on a georeferenced 2D drawing (depth and position of the ROV must be included on the video) + a separate logfile with videotime/position/depth.

What we have achieved until now with my colleague Alexis is to include the 2D drawing on Qgis and do a screenshot of both Qgis and Qground:

But this is not a very professional deliverable for our client (low quality video etc) and it seems difficult to realize the separate logfile required.

Has there been any automatic recording process developped on that side from BR/waterlinked ever since?
Otherwise, I have seen lately that EIVA implemented there navisuite survey software on a BR2, this software should allow to do that. Has anyone tried it or another survey solution that makes it easy to transfer navigation data from QGC to it?

Thank you for your help.


(Drew Fulton) #2

I haven’t done this yet but will soon be planning on creating a python script that would create a GPX log file that would have timestamps and lat/lon at each position. I think I can include depth as altitude. It will be a simple python script that just grabs the info from mavproxy and then writes to a file on my topside control computer. That might work for your log file, not sure about the visual side though.

(Marcus) #3

@etienne might be able to help…his software looks great

(Matt) #4

Hey Steve
I use a Digital Edge Subsea System.

It would do exactly what your after and designed by ROV guys about 10 years ago so its exactly what your after but it comes at a cost. I am a distributor for them so if your interested send me a message and we can have a chat.

(Etienne Demers) #5

My software is presently installed on a digital edge machine on a Total job.

They don’t support ethernet HD. (or at least the machine my client has)

(Jacob) #6

These things are in development. There is no concrete timeline for release. Water Linked has done some software updates to add points of interest and some other new features. Check it out at demo.waterlinked.com.