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Generic Pixhawk?

(Doyle) #1

Anyone have success using a generic Pixhawk from eBay? I’m looking to purchase on a shallow budget.


(Jacob) #2

I have used a generic pixhawk, but many headaches were involved in the process. I recommend buying genuine, and think it will be worth the time saved.


(TCIII) #3


I am in agreement with Jacob, you get what you pay for in the way of Pixhawk quality.

3DR is no longer producing the Pixhawk 1 and what they are selling now is limited in quantity so I would buy now if you want a 3DR produced Pixhawk 1.

The Pixhawk 2, which is a much improved Pixhawk 1, will become available in the near future, but will not be sold by 3DR.



(Andres Rengifo) #4


I’m using a generic pixhawk from a Chinese supplier and it works fine. I let you the link