3DR PixHawk alternatives?

It’s very hard (at least in Europe) to find a 3DR PixHawk since it’s been a while now since 3DR stopped producing them. I know several other manifacturers make similar products, but I would like to use whatever has the highest likelihood of working smoothly with ArduSub.

I was wondering what Blue Robotics would recommend, and what you’re planning to use as a replacement in your ROV kits once you run out of the 3DR controllers?

Best, Christian

Hi Christian,

The Pixhawks that we sell (as of Jan 2017) are original 3DR manufactured Pixhawks. There are some other sources available now including mRobotics, which is actually 3DR’s original manufacturing team under a different name. We’ll likely use that after the 3DR Pixhawks are completely gone. You can find that here:


Others who have more experience with “clones” might be able to provide input on how well those work.