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Ardusub & Pixhawk Hardware compatibility question

Hi everybody!

Is this version of Pixhawk HolyBro Pixhawk Mini compatible with Ardusub?

I’m looking for the smallest compatible Pixhawk for a very small custom ROV build.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @mamdouh, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

As far as I’m aware it’s not one we’ve tested, so we can’t guarantee that it will work. That said, we provide (untested) compiled binaries for many of the ArduPilot-supported boards here, so if you get the board you should at least be able to load a potentially usable firmware onto it and test it out. Assuming it’s similar to the Pixhawk 4 you’ll likely need the latest firmware rather than a stable release at this point - I assume the relevant folder would be PH4-mini.