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Flight battery warning

(Nikos Maurommatis) #1

I have changed the surface laptop and when I run QGC I have no connection with BR2 (and no video). I follow the “Troubleshooting - Ardusub” link and when I try to check the mavproxy I have the message “Flight battery warning”. Can anybody help, please?

(Jacob) #2

Everything is working! Also, the battery warning prints out no matter what right now, it is a benign bug.

It sounds like you have a firewall or antivirus blocking incoming connections on your computer. Please carefully follow the software setup instructions here, including allowing incoming connections to QGC.

(Nikos Maurommatis) #3

@jwalser, thank you for your advices. I think I have done the setup following the instructions. I will check antivirus and firewall again later today and I will let you know. What do you mean “including allowing incoming connections to QGC”?

(Jacob) #4

Firewalls can block incoming connections, or outbound connections, or both. It’s like who is calling who. When you ssh to the pi, everything is working, so everything is set up and connected right. You called the ROV and that was allowed. So my conclusion is that your computer is hanging up when the ROV calls you, which is the normal case of operation.

There are instructions in the setup to fix the firewall to allow the ROV to connect to the computer.

(Nikos Maurommatis) #5

@jwalser, problem solved. Firewall off and everything is working fine, so I have to make the right exceptions on firewall. Thank you Jacob!