First Seadive with the SDIROV

Testing the ROV and gripper.


Have you tried how much you can lift?

Very nice looking machine Oystein.

Only tried a couple of kg. That was ok No problem. But it Will depend a lot the distance from gripper to fwd vert props. The fwd propeller must counter act the force from the load as well as the downward force from aft props If in stab mode or depth mode

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Thank you

Yes i know, and i building same config as you, so i was wondering about what i can expect top liftingforce closely in front and still be stable? …and did it feel different in flying when closed top?..but nice work and tnx for some new ideas;) …i just made the cheapest Compensator ever :wink: but i guess it will do the job, but its just a prototype…now i know how to ;)… tryed to find Normal compeonsators but its redicilous prices… Kystdesign 500 dollar?


Power in a small package

Another day on the job

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