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Testdive -Loke ... Nice performance of the ROV!

(Christian) #1

…1 test dive /search day 1: some highlights… WW2 artifacts and some unnown things… but had an water ingress at about 50 m so had to abort after 2 hrs. only use 25% gain most of the time, ROV is slightly negative, something i have to adjust. https://youtu.be/UKlPlwa4alQ?t=6

Water ingress at 50 m

Fun video! Is yours in the standard six thruster configuration?

(Christian) #3

Yes, for now :)… but i didnt miss any power , but i want to fly in different angles :wink:


Yeah these things look to have plenty of power, but the extra thrusters for tilting seems handy when we only have single function manipulators. It was the first thing I thought of when you were trying to pick up the plate, but I wasn’t sure if it were just too tight of a space. Roughly where was this?

(Christian) #5

Wel…it was on an inpulse to be honest… its a lot of ww2 things there so i had to see the plate… but i actually didnt expect it to fit that good under there… but i gave it a chanse and got away…if you seei am stuk fir a sec… i looked at depth… 30m…(OK…i can dive;D) …but i got out(there i have 75%) …but impressed!:wink: …my old mentor just asked to hire it so its doing Good :wink: …this is defenitely useful subsea anywhwre…and with the heavy config… well… Sooo easy to pick up things… The SeaOwl is a beauty to fly when you het a hang ov it ;)…and this will do the same!..perfect for Inspections…And here you have All power when you are using manip;)

(Christian) #6

aaa sorry its in Bergen Norway :wink:

(Christian) #8

Now this is the task;) …find a proof oft he Saga;) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Florvåg


Wow, that’s the type of ambitious work that gets me excited! I’ll be honest, the environmental aspect would probably have me looking for something else, but that would still be an extremely cool trip.

(Christian) #10

,go a little into history and see… nothing under 100 feet are seen before :wink: