Finding machine vision camera conected to raspberry pi USB-port with ethernet to USB converter?

Hi BlueRobotics,
I’m trying to connect a externel camera (MER2-503-23GC-P) to detect small icecrystals. I’ve connected it through a ethernet to USB converter to the raspberry pis USB port, but i can’t seem to find it anywhere.

When looking at what the pi sees in the port i get what I’m asuming is the adapter, but not the camera. (marked yellow)

Could the solution be something like Redirect Streams as in topic: Handling custom camera feeds (without MAVLink?) ?

Thanks in advance!

Or is it better to introduce the camera through an ethernet switch?


You will not see your camera, as it is behind the Eth:USB converter.

I have not used this camera, or any camera supporting (Generic Interface for Cameras) interface.
I would suggest first investigating: Software - DAHENG IMAGING—Dedicated to Machine Vision which is where you can
get the drivers (?) for this camera.

another option for investigation might start at: GitHub - genicam/harvesters: Image Acquisition Library for GenICam-based Machine Vision System

I have not seen that this camera is supported by Video 4 Linux (v4l2).

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Hi @Nicklaslb,

Our camera manager is currently only capable of automatically detecting USB cameras that present themselves as a video device. If you’ve got an IP camera then the manager can redirect the stream (as you suggested), but regardless of how it’s connected you’ll need to manually specify the IP and port details for the redirection.

Would I be able to run the driver on the side of blueOS on the same raspberry pi and send it through to a topside computer this way?
Maybe it would be more advantageous to have a separate raspberry for the camera and either store it or send it to the other raspberry to get it to the surface computer.
Thanks for the feedback (y)

Hi @EliotBR ,

How would i go about doing that?

  • From the decktop program for showing video from the camera (Galaxy Viewer), I get these infomations:

I’m guessing this is the IP i should provide, Is the port I should specify just the USB port number (1-4) ?

Yeah no, that’s probably my own computers IP address? :sweat_smile:

Then again maybe not, because that is set to be

Hi @Nicklaslb -
I would recommend running Onvif Device manager on a windows computer connected to your IP camera. If your network adapter is configured to use the usual IP of, the camera should appear at You’ll be able to preview the live steram, and can copy/paste the RTSP address below the live stream into BlueOS Video Streams menu, adding it as a redirect source.
You should then be able to receive it in Cockpit or properly configured QGround Control - (change applications settings to use same RTSP address as found with Onvif Device manager) no secondary Pi necessary.

For some reason I Can’t seem to find my camera on the suggested software Onvif/ODM. It works perfectly on Daheng Imagings Galaxy Viewer, where I can set a static IP and chance the settings of the camera, but I can’t find the RTSP address here.

Hi @Nicklaslb -
Without a RTSP address, it’s going to be tough to use the camera! If it’s not showing up as a device that supports ONVIF, can you use the vendor provided software to find the rtsp:// address? This should open with VLC media player / open network stream. If this works, the same URL can be used in the BlueOS Redirect source!

Hi Tony,
Thank you for your help!
I can’t find anything about the cameras rtsp address anywhere in the manufacturers datasheets, manuals and the like. Neither through any of the programs, ODM, VLC or galaxy viewer…
I’m writing the manufacturer to see if they can tell me what the rtsp address should be, or what else could be done.

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