Multiples USB Cameras

Hi guys,

I’m working to send video from a USB camera through the Raspi + fathom X to the top side computer. Is that possible to connect and receive videos from multiples cameras following this arrange (usb camera H264 - raspi - fathom X - Fathom X - Switch - PC)? How can I change the cameras on computer or what software can be used for that?
Thanks in advance!

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Hi @rold,

If you’re running BlueOS on your Raspberry Pi then it should work fine to connect multiple cameras and stream them simultaneously, assuming you have sufficient network bandwidth available in your setup.

There are some receiving program recommendations in the BlueOS docs :slight_smile:

Hello @rold,

You can also consider our multiplexer board which allows you to connect 7 USB devices such as cameras together and supply separate power. The Raspberry Pi can only supply enough power for 3 cameras from our testing so this board will supply its own separate 5V line. The board can connect on the back of the Raspberry Pi or on the BlueROV electronic stack.

We tested this on the BlueROV stock camera but also our own exploreHD camera.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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