High level camera intergate with raspberry pi and blueos

I going to buy Imenco Whitetip SharkHD n Camera
Whitetip II 10x Zoom Camera
Colour SD PAL Camera, 10:1 zoom
lens, LED internal lighting, Titanium
4km, 55071508
Seacon connector want to connect with raspberry pi and intergate with blueos as companian computer for camera…it basic subsea photography purpose without using any thruster at all and additionally sonar and light with tether connection will intergate. I herewith Doubt in connecting camera with raspberry pi and want to get live videoo stream so pls guide me step wise connection and intergrate software

Hi @surya65321,

PAL is an analog video stream format, so to interface it with a Raspberry Pi running BlueOS you’ll need some kind of converter PCB that can change the PAL signal into a digital video stream transmitted through USB or Ethernet.

BlueOS is best set up at the moment for controlling H264-encoded USB Video Class (UVC) cameras, but can also redirect an RTSP stream that’s connected to the same network (e.g. via an Ethernet Switch).

I’m not sure if you’ll be able to get a converter board that allows controlling your camera’s zoom as a UVC function - if not you might need to create an extension that controls it via one of the Raspberry Pi’s GPIO pins or something.


Thank for your instant reply ,

Can I purchase Easycap DC60 USB 2.0 Audio Video VHS to DVD Converter Capture Card Adapter", which can capture and digitize PAL/NTSC signals and transmit them through USB to my Raspberry Pi ?

can you suggest me well supported converter board for raspberry pi and support of blueOs

Alternatively, if my camera supports RTSP streaming, can I connect it to the same network as Raspberry Pi and then use BlueOS to redirect the stream to other devices on the network. Please give some Detail Guidence on hardware requirement with software setup for it .
I want to use this camera for underwater live feed photograph.
PS-Whitetip-Shark-II-Camera-V1.2.pdf (357.9 KB)