Extract data from Navigator Flight Controller in real time

Hi all.

I want to know how can I extract in real time the data of compass, tilt, pitch, depth, temperature from the Navigator Flight Controller. Could someone support me and explain me how?

Thanks for the support.

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Hi @Bulmaro, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Assuming you’re running an ArduPilot firmware on your Raspberry Pi (which is the case by default when the Navigator is mounted on a Raspberry Pi running BlueOS), that data should be available in the MAVLink telemetry stream.

How are you wanting to access the data? It’s shown on the display in control station programs like QGroundControl, but you can also get it programatically using a library like pymavlink.

These examples are specifically relevant to receiving multiple message types repeatedly. The compass and depth data can be retrieved from VFR_HUD, tilt and pitch are available in ATTITUDE, and temperature from an external pressure sensor like our Bar30 or Bar100 can be retrieved from SCALED_PRESSURE2, while temperature from a dedicated temperature sensor like our Celsius can be retrieved from SCALED_PRESSURE3.