Error log file posted (No video on QGC v3.2.4 BlueRobotics-Rev4)

On the GQC Console Section, i keep receiving error as below:

[!] at …\src\VideoStreaming\ - “VideoReceiver::start() failed. Error with data source for gst_element_factory_make()”
[!] at …\src\VideoStreaming\ - “VideoReceiver::start() failed”

Main Problem: No video on QGC under Win10.

My system config:

  • Win10 (64) Laptop
  • Companion Software V 0.0.15,
  • ArduSub 3.5.2
  • QGC V3.2.4 BlueRobotics-Rev4

Note: I tried to switch to my MacBook Pro, with the same other system config, works fine.

Please help, thanks!!!

Error log file.txt (17.3 KB)