Download log with QGC

Hi,guys. When I tried to download the operational data on the BlueROV2 Heavy using QGC, I found that the download was unsuccessful. The QGC log download interface could not refresh the page, and when I pressed the refresh button, QGC reported the following error.

I’m not sure what caused this. Has anyone had a similar experience to mine?


Is the vehicle armed?

yes,it still no respond when armed

Here is my log parameters, This seems to have some issues. Is it related to my log parameters? If there is a parameter error, could you please tell me what the correct parameters should be,Thanks

Hi @suitangxiaoyi,

It’s giving you an error that you need to disarm the vehicle to be able to download logs. Have you tried refreshing after the vehicle is disarmed?

Those parameters look ok to me.

Yes, When the vehicle is disarmed, the logs are still not refreshed

I solved the problem, which was resolved after I reflashed the firmware and reinstalled QGC