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Disable heavy config. setup for a single job

I need to perform a single job without the heavy config. setup due to a narrow pipelinspection. Can i just reverse the build, store the two extra thrustors somewhere in the frame and run the original thrustor config. in QGC? Will that disable the two extra thrustors without actually disable them in the can?

Yes, that should work. You can test it easily.

Back up your parameters!

Changing the frame in QGC (requires rebooting of the ROV) should do the trick. Then just check if the two extra verticals not longer respond.

Why not get another SD card?

Why a new SD card?

so you can have the 2 thruster config saved in the SD cards and just swap them from one to the other when you need to go from heavy to normal.

Ok, but this is just for one single Job. Do you think i run any risk with flashing the frame setup back and forward?

I am always in favor of more backups just in case. You can copy the content of both SD cards to hard drive before you proceed just in case.

Note that the parameters are stored in the internal memory of the Pixhawk , not in the Raspberry Pi. So switching sd cards (even the one in the Pixhawk) is not going to do much.

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