No parameters available for this setup

Hi Guys - I cannot seem to get past this

point of my set up , is there anything I am going wrong
I have gone into QGC and done done all the configuration also when I am in QGC the camera keeps saying waiting video .

Any help will be highly appreciated .

any ideas

Hi @Spinorose, which flight controller board are you using?

We currently only have parameter sets defined for Pixhawk 1 and Navigator boards. If you’re not using one of those then you’ll need to skip the setup wizard. If you’re using a Pixhawk 1 then it’s possible it’s mis-detecting it because of the firmware type flashed onto it - it may help to flash a Pixhawk 1 firmware onto it (with QGroundControl), but if your autopilot already works the way you want it to then I would recommend just skipping the setup wizard instead.

Do you have a camera connected to your onboard computer (Raspberry Pi)? If so, please check whether it’s showing as detected in the Video Streams page of BlueOS, and configure a stream for it if the camera is currently not streaming.

Thanks for the response it does connect on BlusOS and I can see video but has a big latency . I cannot the Pixhwak on QGC but when I to though the raspberry P4 with the following setting nothing happens when I hit connect and I even went through the firewall steps
Ethernet QGS

I have a strong feeling I am just missing a step to make everything work but I do not know what to do at this point .

It worked after I did the a reboot and almost ready to swim . Thanks

Basically the firewall was the hold up the whole process.

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I woke up this morning with some disappointment - previously I was able to see my camera but now I cannot seem to find it . Camera does not even show anymore via usb .

Once again problem solved
I was using two cable size and only 4 inches of that make the software not recognized my camera. I will try attached some detail picture to explain.

What a journey this has been - Sneak peek of my build .

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Glad you managed to resolve the issue :slight_smile:

USB camera cables can be quite sensitive to length, especially if they’re unshielded.

Thanks for sharing! I recommend that you also request to add it to our collections, so that we can help other people find your project :slight_smile:

will do -thanks once again for you guys hard work .

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