Depth Sensor Error - When operating in Depth Hold Mode

I was diving the ROV in depth hold mode when this error occurred. Since the ROV is quite heavy (35Kg) I suspect that the inertia has role in the play. The ROV is slightly buoyant so when ascending, even slowly, the ROV wants to continue after upwards after letting the joystick go. The ROV then reacts as best it can to stop the accent, but due to the gain level this might take a couple of seconds. The error message then shows Depth Sensor Error and the ROV goes into manual and disarms.
By re arming the ROV and press depth hold flight mode again, everything is back to normal.
Is there any way you can rewrite the code to avoid this from happening ?

This indicates a communication (ie physical) issue with the sensor. You might be sagging the voltage when you come out of the maneuver, or the connector might be loose. Check your wiring and any damage to the sensor.

No, this is the desirable behavior if there is a problem reading data from the sensor.

Here’s the code if anyone’s interested: ardupilot/failsafe.cpp at ArduSub-stable · ArduPilot/ardupilot · GitHub

Great, I am curious to see if the depth sensor failure message will disappear as well.

Sorry @SDI, nothing has changed yet with regard to your depth sensor error. Remember it is not a bug, but a broken sensor.

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New sensor is being picked up tonight. I have great hope and expectations for this sensor. :slight_smile:

By the way, the vehicle can very well go into manual mode, but disarming should not occur because in a critical operation you get distracted and lose time to re-arm. This may lead to loss of sight of target in murky water. The vehicle should always continue to be operable - no matter what! It should always be the operators decision to abort. Same goes with the big error message that pups up in the video window - Who wants that in their inspection video. Audio alarm is sufficient ant the red triangle warning turns on. Please get rid of the bling bling :slight_smile: