Depth hold/Alt hold fail

Last dive after blue os update, the depth hold/alt hold in cockpit dosen’t work.
Rov move upward. Depth sensor work as intended. Is there any problem in software or calibration fault?

My version on:
Blue os: 1.2.0 beta 8
Pixhawk: 4.1.1

Hi @Fjosen,

Depth hold is handled entirely by the autopilot (ArduSub in this case), so updating BlueOS should have no effect on it (unless it’s causing more general connectivity issues with the autopilot).

If it’s not the autopilot then I’d be more inclined to suspect a Cockpit version change (since that’s at least directly involved in which commands get sent to the autopilot, and your joystick configuration).

I’d recommend:

  1. Try installing the latest stable version of ArduSub (currently 4.1.2)
  2. Check your joystick configuration in Cockpit (it may have reset in an update or something)
  3. Check whether mode switching works by clicking on the dropdown (in Cockpit)
  4. Try Rolling back to a previous Cockpit version (if you’ve recently changed versions)
  5. Try rolling back to your previous BlueOS version (or at least the latest stable version)

If none of that helps, please upload your latest BlueOS system logs and an autopilot log file from a dive where you try to enter depth hold mode, together with a clearer explanation of the unexpected/problematic behaviour so we can try to resolve the issue :slight_smile:

I have updated ardupilot and tried different version of blue os. Has tryed your recommendation, but the problem is still the same. How can i download blue os and ardupilot log?

Hi Eirik -
You can find the autopilot logs in the Log Browser, and the BlueOS system logs from the gear icon at the bottom of the left menu, as Eliot mentioned.

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I couldn’t find the files for autopilot.

Is this files stored on pixhawk memory card? Maybe this is broken?

Hi @Fjosen -
Apologies, if fetching autopilot logs from a pixhawk, it works better to use QGroundControl. Simply click the Q icon in the upper left, select Vehicle Setup, Analyze tools, and Log Download.