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Depth profile graphic


I would like to trace the profile of the dive from the data in the BlueROV2 log file.
I get the data from the VFR_HUD variable with the python script mavlogdump.py.
But when I draw the profile, I get this:

This does not correspond to the real profile, since during the dive, I was regularly between 2 and 3m.
Is there any configuration to do before the dive, in QGC for example?

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That is odd. Do you mind sharing the log file so I can take a look?
The peaks above 0 look specially weird for me.

I was executing the command
c:/python38/python.exe "c:/python38/scripts/mavlogdump.py" --types=VFR_HUD --condition HEARTBEAT.system_status==4 --format=csv "F:/data/ROV/20200426/dive/2020-04-26 18-17-38.tlog" > "F:/data/ROV/20200426/dive/vfr_hud.csv"

If I delete the condition HEARTBEAT.system_status == 4, I have a graph which corresponds more to the profile of my dive

I had seen this condition on a forum to recover only the data corresponding to the ROV when it is armed (??)
Where can I find the list of possible syntaxes in the --condition option of the command?

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Iā€™m not that familiar with mavlogdump. You could do types=VFR_HUD,HEARTBEAT and plot the armed state together with the depth.