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Getting Temperature and Position (for a complete beginner)


We are doing a project with a bunch of smart 10 year olds (really), trying to map the (10-20m depth) “deep water vent” off of White Point in Southern California, using a rented ROV2. We are making a mix of good progress and also hitting a probably typical collection of puzzles and road blocks. Brett Freeze and IPSF are leading. We’ve had some intro from Blue Robotics.

We’re trying to use mavlogdump to get/calculate a couple pieces of data. Two top things at the moment:

  1. We want to get the water temperature and make a graph. But it looks like the mavlogdump temperature values are strange integer values that are pretty close or pretty wildly different. None look at all reasonable, without some interpretation that we don’t know. How do we interpret the #s and is that water temp or some internal device temp?

  2. We would love to know where we are - ideally lat/lon read directly but at least figuring offset from launch point.


  1. It would also be nice to know depth.

The kids can us python libraries or write python code to process the mavlogdump files, if that is the way we need to go. But i think we don’t want to change the code running on the ROV, since our rental is too short-term to do back-and-forth debugging of ROV code.

We are using the ROV2 camera and an externally mounted older GoPro to take images, and a contributed OpenCV program to do image stitching, hoping to make a map.

Any clues, input appreciated. Thank you.

-DAR David dareisner+rov@gmail.com