Depth hold gain

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I have dived a number of times with my BR2 and it is working fine the only thing is that when operated in depth hold i can se that it travels a bit deeper and returns back to the set value. I seems that the gain is to high in the depth control loop. The situation when this is a problem is when operating very close to the bottom. I have not changed anything from default settings in PID controller for depth hold. Can anyone recommend how to adjust gain in depth hold mode ?

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The parameters in question are POS_Z*, VEL_Z* and ACCEL_Z*, you can adjust those gains from the parameter menu, or enable advanced options in the application settings, and you will get a tuning page in the vehicle settings.

The behavior you are referring to is a suspect bug, we are working to resolve this.

Hi Jacob
Thanks for your answer. It make sense that there can be a bug in the control loop. At one occasion Rov did hit bottom and when trying to move up from bottom it was not possible to do that. When given the command to move up it did go down . I did have to go to manual control to be able to move up // Bo

This sounds like a separate issue.