Depht hold and stabilize mode

Rov2 6DOF. Everything Works very good, exept when use depht hold or stabilize mode.

When use this mods, the rov suddenly after few Seconds or longer, it start go very fast right or left.
What can cause this? I have tried alot of settings and calibrations.

Any idea for solve this problem?

Hi Geir,
Double-check your motor directions, on the setup page when you move the sliders downwards air should be pushed towards the cable exit on the motor.
It’s easy to get confused between yaw and lateral when doing joystick calibration - once again, double-check.

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Hello, thanks!

I will check everything again. Just thought it was strange, since everything Works Perfect in manual mode.

I bought this rov second hand. And it looks like two thrusters where Connected wrong. Thruster 3 and 4 was Connected to the other on the pixhawk. I changed the Connections, and now everything seems to work correct. Thanks anyway:) Learning something everythime:)

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