Dangerous servo behavior

Hi all,

I have noticed that the servo of the tilt system goes to zero (looks down), and then it centers on every boot. This was not a problem normally, but yesterday the servo burnt and got locked at the minimum position. I am using a smaller servo, not the one provided in your store. Is it possible to disable this “homing”?


Hi Quique,

You mean the servo moves to one side at boot and then back to center? As far as I know that’s not normal and I don’t think it normally does that. Is there a chance that your servo is set up to move to one extreme when there isn’t a signal present?


Hi Rusty,

I have been looking at this, and it doesn’t do it every time. The last time, this morning, while updating the ArduSub (at the end of the process). But the other day it happened at a normal boot. The servo is a FS0205

@QuiGon2 I’m not sure exactly what your problem is, it will help if you could describe it in more detail.

The servo will automatically center at boot.

It sounds like your servo bound up because it was turned too far, which should be unrelated to what happens at boot. This can be resolved by configuring the servo channel min/max output to a range that is safe for your servo model.


Hi Jacob,

Ok, I will set the limits to the servo channel and see if it happens again.