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Camera tilt percent adjustment

My camera tilt percentage is off. When I push the camera tilt center button it takes it to 50% but the camera is then still looking down somewhat. Manual adjusting it to around 30% makes the camera level. How do I fix this? Thanks.

It sounds like your camera mount was attached off-center to the servo (sorry about that!).

There are two options to fix this:

  • in software (easy method): In QGC Vehicle Setup (click the gears icon), Camera tab, you can adjust the tilt servo minimum signal and maximum signal to change the midpoint to the appropriate signal. The default min/max is 1100/1900. You may adjust these numbers in the range of ~800-2200. This method might leave you with a reduced range of motion.
  • in hardware: you will need to remove the camera mount from the servo, then center the servo with the tilt center button, then reattach the camera.


Thanks I remounted the camera to the servo, but in doing so I noticed another issue. With the camera out of the housing I can hear that the servo is constantly humming. I think there is an issue with the servo itself. It does not shut off all the way after. I cycled the power a few times and on a couple occasion the camera would not move at all.

The hum is normal, that’s the servo ‘servoing’.

What I mean is it is humming when it is not moving.

This is normal.

Thanks I never noticed the humming before except when it was moving. Now I can’t help but hear it. Just want to make sure that was normal.

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