Connecting Ping Sonar via Navigator Serial Port

I am currently connecting the Ping Sonar Altimeter and Echosounder to a heavy config BROV2. For Altimeter I have it directly connected to serial port on Flight Navigator. I am using version 2.3.4. I do not seem to be able to get a solid connection with it through ROV. When I tested a direct connection, I was able to get it to work.
I also tested the altimeter with using USB to Serial UART/RS485 adapter but can’t get a connection. What happens that after a long wait, it appears on Ping Viewer, but when try to connect it, Ping Viewer crashes. So I can’t get it running either way. This is the same ROV I am working with that I am having trouble with Ping 360 (Connecting Ping 360 to Ping Viewer - #9 by Jnyberg)

Hi @Jnyberg,

I brought this up internally and was told

To connect to serial port “n”,

  1. set the SERIALn_PROTOCOL parameter to None
    • e.g. SERIAL3_PROTOCOL for Serial3
  2. restart the autopilot, and also the BlueOS core container (soft restart)
    • or power cycle the vehicle
  3. pre-configured devices (e.g. Ping) should now work
    • other devices may need to configure Bridges

That’s definitely unusual. Was Ping Viewer crashing consistently like this? Are you able to upload a Ping Viewer GUI log?

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That makes sense now that I think about it and will do that.

What is weird is that at first it wasn’t like that. When I originally used the USB to Serial UART/RS485 adapter I got it to connect. But after testing more with serial connection and rebooting, when I went back to the adapter it then started not working and crashing.

I was able to find the many logs from yesterday and will post the last few:
20220725-140008708.txt (10.1 MB)
20220725-133039987.txt (81.4 KB)
20220725-132817457.txt (195.3 KB)

Ok, so I’ve ordered a new BlueROV2, with the ping echosounder, got delivered and realized I’ve forgotten to order the RS485 to USB adapter.

This new BlueROV2 with the New Blue Robotics Navigator got me thinking though… Could it be possible to connect the echosounder directly to the navigator and bypass converting the signal?

I extended the cables, connected it to “Serial 5” (has UART protocol) and voila! Works like a charm.

So to anyone wondering or made the mistake I did, there is a workaround. The new navigator can handle connecting the echosounder directly on it.

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Hi @Ekder, welcome to the forum, and thanks for sharing your experience :slight_smile:

I’ve moved your post here because it’s on the same topic, so all the relevant information and discussion is in one place :slight_smile: