Competing BlueOS instences

I’m faced with a challenge that I hope has a solution. Here is some history:
Before this winter’s refit, my system consisted of a companion/Pixhawk combo running the vehicle, and a second RaspberryPi running BlueOS version 1.0.1 with 3 DWE cameras connected and a fourth camera being IP/RTSP. The DWE video server RaspberrPi IP was At the surface, I ran the DWE branch of QGC with an RTSP/IP camera for the main screen and the three DWE cams for the other views (UP,Down,Aft). Everything was great!
Now, as part of the refit, I changed out the companion/Pixhawk for the BlueOS(beta16)/Navigator combo. As a result, I now have two instances of BlueOS running:, and These now conflict and the system is not functioning.
If I bypass the second RaspberryPi and connect the DWE cameras to the Navigator/Raspi combo, I lose the rtsp feed in QGC.
As the second BlueOS/Raspi combo is used exclusively as a video streaming server, is there a way to strip-down that instance of BlueOS? Could I run it on a different subnet up to a second computer on the surface? Change it’s name?


Thanks to the team at DWE. They guided me to their documentation site where detailed instructions are for building a RaspberryPi for just steaming. Now it’s back to 3 DWE cameras, and an IP camera for the main screen.