BlueOS and DWE_OS - Simultaneousl (Both images flashed to micro SD)

After tip from Joseph Ho at the DWE forum i have now flashed the DWE operating system onto the micro SD on the Raspberry, already containing the BlueOS. So if I understand this correct, both BlueOS is and DWE OS are now on the Raspberry micro SD card.

My next step now is to try and stream the DWE camera to QGC using DWE OS.

Will it be possible to use both OS at the same time? The DWE for the DWE camera (If it works better) and the BlueOS for the rest?

How do I switch between the two ?

After installing the micro SD back in the Raspberry Pi, I can no longer connect to the Rasperry.

Hi @SDI,

As I understand it flashing pretty much anything generally involves removing / overwriting what was already there. If @DeepWaterExploration have some kind of camera software that you want to run together with BlueOS then the best way of doing that would be if it’s available via a BlueOS Extension.