Compass issue - no data

Our compass is enabled, however the mag outputs are uniformly zeros. See attached screen cap for parameter settings and data plots. Are there other parameters that perhaps affect its functioning?


I assume that you calibrated the compass and IMU per the instructions here in “Sensor Calibration”?

I built a Heavy Lift BR2 and it took two individuals besides myself to roll the BR2 chassis in the various axes to complete the compass and IMU calibration!


Thanks for the advice. The problem was that there is a second compass-related parameter that needs to be enabled which wasn’t: MAG_ENABLE needs to be set to 1.

@TimZ Have you managed to solve your issue?

I advise you to restore the default parameters to check if this is a configuration issue.
First save your parameters in case you need to get back to them, you can follow the instructions here for both saving and loading parameters.

After saving your current parameters, go to the “Frame” settings page in QGC, Click “Load Vehicle Default Parameters” and select the right option for your frame. You will need to reboot the ROV after this.


Thank you. Got it resolved.