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Choosing a battery for T200

I have a Lithium Polymer Battery with this specifications:

  • Voltage: 14.8v | 4s
  • Capacity: 5200mah
  • Discharge: 35c
  • Chemistry: Lipo
  • Balance Connector: JST-XH
  • Main Discharge Connector: Deans Style

Is it suitable to be used with Two t200 thrusters (Using two ESC)?
Or I should have a separate battery for each thruster with its ESC?


Hi @mahmoudf98,

I’d suggest you look at our T200 technical details for the relevant electrical characteristics, and this resource for an understanding of how LiPo battery ratings work.

From what you’ve indicated, the voltage should be fine, and assuming your ‘discharge’ rate is for continuous discharge rather than burst discharge then the you should be able to run the thrusters safely. My main concern would be that if you’re operating at full throttle (~24A per thruster for your battery voltage) you would have quite a short run-time (5.2Ah / (24A * 2) \approx 0.108h \approx 6.5 mins.

You’ll need to consider your operating requirements to determine how long you need to run for and how much thrust you need to apply, and using those and the thruster performance charts you can determine how much battery capacity you need :slight_smile: