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Viable Power Option

(Luke) #1


I am currently looking at powering two T200 thrusters as well as a Thruster Commander and was hoping to use one power supply.

I have sourced a 1300MAH, 14.8V, 75C Lipo Battery,

and by looking at the numbers, it has enough current to power the two thrusters,

1300mAh*75c = 97.5Amps

would this be a viable option?

Thanks in advance,

(Daniel Heideman) #2

Hi Luke,

While the battery you linked would be capable of powering two T200 thrusters and a Thruster Commander, at full throttle it would only last around (1300 mAh)/(2 * 22000 mA per thruster)*(60 min/hour) = 2 minutes. For comparison, the batteries we sell on our shop have 18 Ah capacities, meaning they will last over ten times as long.

Also the Thruster Commander comes with a power cable for XT90 connectors (as opposed to the XT60 on the battery you linked), so you would need a different power cable to power the Thruster Commander with that battery.


(Luke) #3


Thank you for your quick response and info, and I appreciate your help

(Luke) #4

So, I would just like to confirm, if the below power source will not blow up my T200 Thrusters, i really cannot afford that at the moment!

I appreciate your help.

(Rusty) #5

Hi Luke,

The power supply has overload protection and should work fine! Won’t damage the thrusters as long as you choose one with an appropriate output voltage between 12-18v.


(Luke) #6


Thank you so much,