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Batterie for T100 Thrusters


(Caetano Chappuis) #1

Hey everybody,

So I have got the T100 thrusters with the Basic ESC, and I am very new to electronics and that kind of stuff, and it is probably a stupid question.

I do have 2 Lipo batteries( https://www.lrp.cc/de/produkt/lrp-hyper-pack-4600-72v-6-zellen-nimh-stickpack-mit-us-style-stecker/ ) which I am planning to pair with. The specs of the batteries are 7.2V and 6 Cells. Not sure it is 4600 mAh or is just the name ( don’t find the specs).

My question is: is this Batterie enough to supply it with this thrusters? Should I / can I pair this battery in parallel for more extended use of the thrusters?

Thank you very much

best wishes,

Caetano Chappuis

(Thomas) #2

Hello Caetano,

The rated operating voltage of the T100 is between 6V and 16V, so you are good there with 7.2V. Assuming the batteries that you linked to are in fact 4600mAh, each one would theoretically be able to power a T100 for about 20 minutes with the published maximum of a 12.4 amp draw from the thruster. If you wired two of those batteries in parallel (again, assuming they are 4600mAh), you would double the amp-hour capability while remaining at 7.2V for around 40 minutes at the published maximum draw of the T100.


(Caetano Chappuis) #3

Thank you very much for the answer. Really appreciate it. :slight_smile:

(Adam) #4

Hi @cmchappuis,

@seetomgo is correct, the batteries you have should run the T100 just fine, albeit at reduced power due to the low voltage. The current draw and performance in the technical details assumes a 12 V power supply, thus you will see roughly 2/3rds the performance and current draw at only 7.2 V. I would expect current draw to remain below 10 A at this voltage. You can run the batteries in parallel to increase run time, or in series to double the voltage and achieve performance very similar to the T100s 16 V operating maximum.

Another important note is the batteries you have are NOT Lipos and should not be charged as such! They are NiMH batteries, and must be charged with an NiMH compatible charger in NiMH mode. They will work fine, but performance will be lower due to greater voltage drop and less current capability than comparable Lipo batteries.


(Caetano Chappuis) #5

Thank you very much, Adam. Just checked, I do have the correct charger :slight_smile: Just tested it in parallel and it has enough performance for my project. :slight_smile: