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Parallel LiPo batteries?

(Richard) #1

I have 5200, 3S, LiPo’s to power two T100’s in azimuth/horizontal control. Options are to use one battery for each T100 or use batteries in parallel to drive both T100’s.

What would you do and why? Is there a safety/battery damage issue?





(Rusty) #2


As long as the two batteries are at the same state of charge and they have similar health, I think it should be fine. It’d best if the two batteries are about the same age and have the same amount of use. I’ve paired together 2-8 separate lipo packs before without any issues.


(Richard) #3

Okay, thanks for the input.

(Pierson) #4


I would be careful with running lipos in parallel. If you do try and always run the pair together, and check before and after for any signs of damage, specifically the packs puffing up, or dead cells. While for the most part you will likely be fine, lipos are really temperamental and running them in parallel, is not exactly the “professional” solution. The concern with having each battery power one motor is that as the battery voltage is depleted the power may become unequal between the motors, and your controller may have difficulty staying on a straight path. The ideal way would be to use a merge circuit which draws from the battery with the highest voltage, but if you take care to keep the pair together and with the same capacity, voltages and brand you should stay fine if you are careful.

(Richard) #5

Thanks for the input. I have decided to stick with one battery powering each motor for now. My controller is manual, my fingers, so staying on a straight path is not a problem.